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About Paul Dykema

The Visiting Arborists

Paul Dykema has over 30 years experience in urban forestry and tree care. He specializes in Tree Risk Assessment, Oak Wilt Management, Tree Health Care Planning, and Tree Value Determination. Call a highly skilled professional arborist for your tree consulting needs. Call The Visiting Arborists at (517) 980-3532 - Paul Dykema Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified.

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Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Service

Trees can pose a risk. Have a highly skilled professional explain those risks to you. Call (517) 980-3532.

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Tree Value Appraisal

Tree Consulting

All trees have value. Big, large or unusual trees can be worth thousands of dollars. Call The Visiting Arborists at (517) 980-3532

Oak Wilt Management

Michigan Oak Wilt Qualified Arborists

Oak Wilt is a serious disease of all types of red oak trees and can kill red oaks in as little as two months. Oak Wilt can also infest white oak trees leading to their death. Oak Wilt is now common in Michigan. The Visiting Arborists are Michigan Oak Wilt Qualified. The Visiting Arborists are experts in designing Oak Wilt Management programs that work for your tree. Call (517) 980-3532. Hire an expert, hire The Visiting Arborists.

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The Visiting Arborists

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